About Clare Payne Symmons

Clare’s sharp edge and comfortable words help you accomplish your goals while making you feel secure while doing so.  Think a kitten in a ninja suit.


Clare has spent over 25 years helping organizations thrive.  She knows the power of Strategic Planning and strategic thinking transforms organizations and people.  She combines her strategic planning experience with her mentor skills to create a unique approach to discovering and pursuing one’s dreams and aspirations.

Clare’s style is not to dictate, but to help organizations and people find their own way:

I appreciate your ability to support but not direct, to listen and engage but not lobby for any one outcome or strategy.  That really, in my opinion, allowed us all to be so different and so effective in our individual work.

Clare has managed and consulted for nonprofit organizations across the nation.  She lives in Jackson Hole, WY, moving there to run the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole.  Over the course of her 9-year tenure, she increased the assets under management from $2.5 million to over $46 million, created and administered Old Bill’s Fun Run which has raised over $100 million for local nonprofits, and served on the national community foundation board while that board developed national standards for the field.  She has served as interim director for several organizations, and consults regularly with organizations, particularly on strategic planning and executive transition management.   She speaks nationally and remains engaged in the philanthropic community.


(307) 699-0993

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